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Specializing in

Life Coaching

Specializing in

Life Coaching

Individual Sessions

As a life coach, I help people cut through chaos, and move through areas of unfulfillment with grace and humor.  When we work together, I help you zero in on what you really, truly want in life. I will help you get clarity on your most important goals and dreams, and name the obstacles or thought patterns that are holding you back from having what you want. We'll paint the picture of that ultimate destination, and then develop the right roadmap to get there. It's my job to help you visualize, and then realize your full potential by sharing observations about thought or behavior patterns that might be limiting your progress. Feel free to book a free 30 minute consult if you'd like to hear more about what you can expect from coaching, and how that might make a difference in your life.

Am I The Right Coach For You?

Have you recently been diagnosed with Cancer? Are you recovering from a similar life trauma? Do you want to improve your physical or emotional health? Interested in being a better parent? Want more work/life balance? Looking to kick toxic relationship behaviors? Are you in a leadership position, and seek a strategy to boost your leadership effectiveness and impact? Transitioning from one role in life to another?

I don't work with a specific niche such as 'working mothers'. I am a fulfillment coach, and I help my clients by providing partnership, accountability, and that mirror of reality as they map out the path to navigating obstacles on the way to living their best, most fulfilled life. If you are willing to put in the work on yourself, I am right there with you to help you identify exactly how to get what you want most.

My methodology is to break down your biggest goals into manageable parts. Each week, we work through a structured process to ensure you continue making progress. I'll get to know and understand you, which will allow me to highlight any limiting beliefs or thoughts that have prevented you from getting where you want to be on your own. We will have fun! I promise, this is more fun than you've ever had while working so hard! 




Couples Therapy
What Does Coaching Cost

Are you responsible for leading others in your life, or on the job? Do you know what your Leadership Brand is? Is there an opportunity to enhance your leadership credibility? Are you 100% personally engaged? How about your team? Do you struggle with imposter syndrome, or lack confidence in general? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, leadership coaching is for you. I will help you put together an action plan that will put you on a path toward higher confidence and greater success as a leader. 

Coaching might feel like a decadent, out of reach luxury. However, think about your goals, and consider what it might feel like to finally have what you want in life. Think about the other investments you have made in life; that new fancy handbag or those new boots! What would it feel like to make yourself a priority, at long last? Think about the quality of life you'll enjoy!  I invite you to book a complimentary preliminary session today. Let's get started! 

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